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Learn to use the language of color to express emotions we don’t have words for. (Image from a workshop for the Spiritual Directors of the Contemplative Center of Silicon Valley)

What’s it like?

The atmosphere at a Coaching+Color workshop is reflective, peaceful and supportive. You will be gently guided through simple questions and expressive art exercises. Your creative, spontaneous responses with paint and abstract shapes on canvas are encouraged and welcomed. Through story and color as an expressive medium, participants can experience the insight that comes as emotions begin to find a voice. People are often pleasantly surprised to discover connection between color and their own feelings. The process is often spiritual, relaxing and restoring, offering a fresh way to speak beyond what words can say. Releasing feelings non-verbally also frees up space for new ways of moving forward in our lives. There will be times of conversation and also times of quiet, and your experience will be captured on canvas.

Who can come?

No previous art experience is necessary. Workshops are appropriate for business teams, families, book groups, recovery groups (grief, addiction, trauma, abuse, domestic violence). They last about 2-3 hours and all materials are included. Minimum of 5 participants to schedule your group workshop. Workshops can be held on site at your location, or we can talk about other options. Bring your friends and co-workers!

Individual workshops for women are also available.

Click here for info about creative events for larger groups.

How can I book my workshop?

Let’s talk and discover whether the workshop process is the right fit for you or your group. We can also talk about any questions you may have.


  • Celebrating A Milestone
  • Navigating Change
  • Unwind the Stress
  • Walking With Challenge
  • Crossing a Threshold
  • You Can Create!
  • Building a Better In-Between
  • Befriending the Inner Critic
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward
  • Say What You Need to Say
  • Get Off the Rollercoaster (for moms)
  • Respite (for adoptive parents)
  • Getting Out From Under False Expectations
  • Grief and Loss
  • Growing Gratitude
  • Finding Peace

Workshops with a medical focus:

  • Living With Chronic Disease
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Medical Trauma
  • Walking With Cancer
  • Grief and Loss

Proceeds help support workshops gifted to those in need.

NOTE: Workshop participants are free to express and create, completely in charge of their own exploration. Art is offered as a means for self-expression and self-exploration, the results are viewed from an artist’s perspective, and are not interpreted or diagnosed. While the process is therapeutic, it is not art therapy, which is a legally separate institution and field of practice.
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