This custom Coaching+Color workshop was designed for the group of therapists at Community Presbyterian Counseling Center. We focused on using color and paint to express the feelings that surround transition. They were moving to new offices, and not all the therapists would make that transition with them.

Warm up exercises were done on paper and canvas, with their final works painted on foam core puzzle pieces. At the end of the workshop, they worked together to assemble the puzzle. Symbolically, they each found their place, all fitting together and supporting the other, creating a larger image from the smaller pieces.

Participant comments:

“I started cautiously and with each experience, felt more free to flow/express. It was a good exercise of integrating spirit, emotion and art.”

“This is the first time I painted a painting I like!”

“Enjoyed expressing from the side of my brain I don’t engage in much. Wendy is very inviting and encouraging.”


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.25.32 PM