Color is a visual language all its own, often able to express what cannot be said with words. At Coaching+Color workshops, participants are gently guided through a structured sequence of reflective questions and art exercises that draw out individual, creative responses with colors and abstract shapes. Through the use of color and paint on canvas, thoughts and feelings like stress, grief, anger and shame can be expressed and released non-verbally, and new stories yet to be told can be explored in an encouraging atmosphere where it is safe to experiment. Participants capture their experience in a meaningful and memorable way, creating their own healing environment in the process. Workshops last 3 hours.

No previous art experience is necessary. Workshops are for non-artists, although professional artists are always welcome. They are appropriate for individuals, families, small groups, and business teams.

Custom and on-site team workshops are also available. Please contact Wendy to discuss your needs.

Participants are free to express and create, completely in charge of their own exploration. Art is offered as a means for self-expression and self-exploration, and the results are viewed from an artist’s perspective, and are not interpreted or diagnosed. While the process is therapeutic, it is not art therapy, which is a legally separate institution and field of practice.